5 reasons resellers can take your business further – faster

5 reasons resellers can take your business further – faster

The decision to purchase new technology usually brings up questions. How can you make sure you’re getting the best support? Where do you turn if you need help during implementation? Is there a way to streamline the transition for your team? What ongoing help will you need? For at least four out of five businesses, channel partners are the preferred way to purchase technology and put those questions to rest, according to IDC.

Where buying direct from IT vendors used to be the norm, the reseller route has emerged as the clear choice for businesses who want to ensure the best IT outcomes over the long term. This channel partner primer walks you through just a few of the ways it stands to better your business.

For at least four-in-five businesses, channel partners are the preferred way to purchase technology.

What is a value-added reseller?

HUB Spot defines a value-added reseller (VAR) as, “a business — typically one that specializes in software or hardware — that creates integrations, products and features to enhance existing products or services. These companies then package those enhancements with existing products or services to sell as full-service solutions.”

How do they help?

You get their technical expertise

While they may not have the ability to fix bugs associated with a particular software, these experts know vendors in and out. They can help you steer clear of products that are known to have defects and advise on the right solutions for your particular needs. Often, that means helping you customize a suite of products from different manufacturers that move you in the direction of your business’ stated goals. Resellers also keep tabs on upcoming product releases, so you never have to worry about purchasing outdated tech.

You have a dedicated account manager

In business, relationships are everything. Resellers offer clients a point person that gets to know you and your business like it were their own. That means no calling a customer service line and assuming your place in the queue. Instead, you get a partner in business, one who can personalize the purchasing experience during and after you’ve settled on your IT suite. You and your account manager will share a history too, so you never have to waste time starting from the beginning every time you have an issue.

You get a partner in business, one who can personalize the purchasing experience during and after you’ve settled on your IT suite.

You won’t need to implement alone

Setting up new IT solutions can be a lot of work. Partners make sure you don’t embark on implementation alone. Many even offer trainings that are tailored to your team, ensuring you’re up to speed on the features of your new product. Reseller demos or one-on-one Q&A sessions can also give your staff a leg up, so they’re able to hit the ground running upon rollout.

You receive personalized support

Working with a single technician through the course of an issue can be a game changer. If two products aren’t working well together and causing issues, you’ll work with the same tech until it’s resolved. If you think you’ve found a fix but later continue experiencing issues, you can pick up where you left off without unnecessarily re-explaining the entire situation over again.

You can access multiple services in a single spot

Whether you need product-specific help, regular repairs or generalized IT support, resellers can handle multiple requests as part of your agreement. As your technology evolves, they’ll handle any associated maintenance, so you never get behind because of a necessary update.

IT resellers, value-added resellers (VAR), and channel partners may go by different names, but they all have the same end goal: secure the most beneficial outcome for your business. They help you get the most out of your products and services so you can focus on outperforming the competition.


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