Contactless Pick Up

Contactless Pick Up

Place order online or over the phone

Wait for pick up notification

Go to the Store, wait for our staff to load your order

Order Pick Up

  1. Place an order online or over the phone.
  2. Upon receiving the notification email or phone call for pick up, drive to the store and park in the designated area.
  3. Call us at 604-273-8868 upon your arrival, provide the order number for confirmation.
  4. Open the trunk of vehicle and wait in the car until our staff finish loading

Service Order Drop off and Pick Up

  1. Call us at 604-273-8792 to discuss system issues with our technician, and obtain a service number.
  2. Tag your system with the service number provided. Drop it off at our storefront and call the number again. We will pick it up right away.
  3. When the system is ready, our technician will go through everything on the phone with you.
  4. Call 604-273-8792 upon your arrival and please stay in your vehicle with trunk opened as our technician loads the system to the vehicle for you.