AddOn Networks JD119B-AO network transceiver module Fiber optic 1000 Mbit/s SFP


HP JD119B compatible. SFP transceiver type: Fiber optic, Maximum data transfer rate: 1000 Mbit/s, Interface type: SFP. Compatible products: HP A6602, HP A6604, HP A6608, HP A6616, HP A8802, HP A8805, HP A8808, HP A8812, HP A-MSR20-12 T1, Width: 13.7 mm, Depth: 57 mm, Height: 12.5 mm (JD119B-AO)

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Our Optical Transceivers and Networking components for network router and switch equipment are individually tested and certified to meet or exceed OEM specifications for quality, functionality and performance.

Whether it’s for Cisco, HP, Nortel, Juniper, or most any other major networking equipment manufacturer, we have an AddOn component that meets your needs.

Additional information

Weight 0.04536 kg
SFP transceiver type

Fiber optic

Maximum data transfer rate

1000 Mbit/s

Interface type


Single-mode fiber (SMF) supported


Fiber optic connector


Fiber cable diameters supported (core/cladding)

50/125,62.5/125 µm

SFP transceiver standard


Maximum transfer distance

10000 m

Fiber ports quantity




Compatible products

HP A6602, HP A6604, HP A6608, HP A6616, HP A8802, HP A8805, HP A8808, HP A8812, HP A-MSR20-12 T1, HP A-MSR20-12 W, HP A-MSR20-13 W, HP A-MSR20-15 I, HP A-MSR20-15 IW, HP A-MSR20-15, HP A-MSR-20-21, HP A-MSR30-10, HP A-MSR30-11, HP A-MSR30-16, HP A-MSR30-16 PoE, HP A-MSR30-20 DC, HP A-MSR30-20, HP A-MSR30-20, HP A-MSR30-20 PoE, HP A-MSR30-40 (RT-MSR3040-AC-OVS-AS-H3), HP A-MSR30-40 DC, HP A-MSR30-40, HP A-MSR30-40 PoE, HP A-MSR30-60 DC, HP A-MSR30-60, HP A-MSR30-60 PoE, HP A-MSR50, HP A-MSR50-40 DC, HP A-MSR50-60, HP V1910-24G, HP A12508, HP A12518, HP A3100-16 DC EI, HP A3100-16 EI, HP A3100-16-PoE EI, HP A3100-24 DC EI, HP A3100-24 EI, HP A3100-24-PoE EI, HP A3100-48, HP A3100-8 DC EI, HP A3100-8 EI, HP A3100-8-PoE EI, HP A3600-24 EI, HP A3600-24 SI, HP A3600-24-PoE EI, HP A3600-24-PoE SI, HP A3600-24-SFP EI, HP A3600-24TP SI, HP A3600-48 EI, HP A3600-48 SI, HP A3600-48-PoE EI, HP A3600-48-PoE SI, HP A3610-24-2G-SFP, HP A3610-24-4G, HP A3610-24-SFP, HP A3610-48, HP A5120-16G SI, HP A5120-24G EI, HP A5120-24G EI, HP A5120-24G SI, HP A5120-24G-PoE EI, HP A5120-48G EI, HP A5120-48G EI, HP A5120-48G SI, HP A5120-48G-PoE EI, HP A5500-24G DC EI, HP A5500-24G EI, HP A5500-24G SI, HP A5500-24G-SFP DC EI, HP A5500-24G-SFP EI, HP A5500-48G EI, HP A5500-48G SI, HP A5800-24G, HP A5800-24G-PoE, HP A5800-24G-SFP, HP A5800-48G, HP A5800-48G, with 2 SlotsHP A5800-48G-PoE, HP A5810-48G, HP A5820-14XG-SFP+, HP A5820-24XG-SFP+, HP A7502, HP A7503 1, HP A7503, HP A7506, HP A7506-V, HP A7510, HP A9505, HP A9508-V, HP A9512, HP E4500-24, HP E4500-24-PoE, HP E4


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