Lenovo 14.3″ Frameless Display Privacy Filter (4XJ0L59643)


Lenovo 14.3″ Frameless Display Privacy Filter (4XJ0L59643)

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Lenovo AIO Privacy Filters utilise patented 3M microlouver privacy technology to darken the screen at specific angles so as to block wandering eyes from viewing your screen while you work. For the AIO Privacy Filter, Lenovo offers a product that works for both touch and non-touch AIO systems, utilising new thin privacy material. Privacy filters’ key benefit for companies that work with client data and information is that they provide the first line of defence against visual hacking, protecting private information from being hacked by onlookers. The AIO Privacy filters also reduce glare from bright backlight panels and overhead lights, though that’s not its primary function. Another function is that privacy filters guard and protect your screen from scratches and smears, keeping your monitor screens safe from unwanted damage. AIO Privacy Filters work with both touch and no-touch devices allowing you to work with the peace of mind that your information on your screen is safe from wandering eyes, while allowing you to use your touch screen without any compromise.It ensures the privacy of your clients’ records in compliance with state and national laws and regulations for industries such as finance, consulting, healthcare, government and education (e.g. HIPPA (ensuring PHI), HITECH, NIST, PII (Patient Identifiable Information), ISO, PCI (Payment Card Info), Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act privacy in finance, Sarbanes-Oxley, CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) and several breach notification laws in various US states).All Lenovo Privacy Filters are constructed and built with high-grade optical film to ensure that the user maintains high clarity with no optical distortion.All Lenovo Privacy filters are lightweight and easy to install and include 3M adhesive strips which allow for easy residue-free removal for multiple on-and-off uses.All Lenovo Privacy Filters utilise anti-reflective coating to reduce reflection. This improves efficiency by reducing the amount of light lost, thereby improving image contrast by eliminating unwanted light sources.

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36.3 cm (14.3")


ThinkCentre M900z Touch All-In-One


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