Plantronics A10-11 Headset Cable – Data Transfer Cable (33305-02)

Plantronics A10-11 Headset Cable – Data Transfer Cable (33305-02)


A10-11 Wideband-Adapter (33305-02)

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The A10 cable (a.k.a. A10-16) can be used with any H-series headset to connect directly into a phone’s headset port. When the A10 cable is used, no other amplifier is required.

A10 Direct Connect Cable:

Easily connect any Plantronics H-series headset to a headset-ready phone via the headset port with A10.

Recommended for use in an environment with a mix of M22 amplifiers and direct connect solutions.*

Allows H tops to be used in amplified and direct connect systems – and reduces the risk that the wrong headset will be connected (Polaris on an M22 or H top on a U10P) which would result in degraded transmit.

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Plantronics StarSet, Encore, Tristar, Freehand, Supra, Supra+, Mirage, DuoSet, DuoPro, Encore Pro


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