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Lenovo owns the greatest track record for innovation in the PC industry, consistently winning awards and receiving rave reviews. Lenovo remains committed to innovation across our entire device portfolio and will continue to leverage our history of technological breakthroughs into new product categories that drive future growth. Innovation is how Lenovo achieves competitive differentiation and drives new market opportunities, such as mobile Internet, digital home and cloud computing.

Whether a PC, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, server, workstation or storage, Lenovo makes the products that customers need, whether smart connected or infrastructure devices  Lenovo is creating real differentiation from the competition thanks to its vertically integrated end-to-end business model.

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5 reasons why lenovo is a difference maker

ThinkPad T14 Features

The ThinkPad T14 is the portable, powerful, infinitely customizable premium laptop choice for users on-the-go. Thanks to enhancements across almost all areas, the ThinkPad T14 offers better performance, quicker connectivity, and a more immersive audiovisual experience.

In addition to the security that you expect from a Lenovo device, the ThinkPad T14 takes productivity to new levels with one-touch calling on the new UC F9—F11 keys and the ability to wake from sleep in one second and be able to connect to the web a second later. From powerful processors to incredible graphics, the ThinkPad T14 offers smarter, more functional, and more enjoyable technology for all.

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