Technical Services & Repairs

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down at your desk with a long list of things to do and the computer just won’t work! We specialize in everything from computer repairs, installations, to system cleaning for viruses and spyware. Our certified technicians can help with:

  1. Diagnostic
  2. Parts & Upgrades
  3. Computer Tune Up
  4. Virus, Spyware, Ransomware Removal
  5. Restoration/Reinstallation of Operating System
  6. In-Warranty Manufacturer Repairs

If you have any problems with your PC, feel free to contact us or visit our convenient locations in Richmond.

Our Services Pricing
General Hourly Rate

General Hourly Rate applies for services not listed here. Speak to a technician for any inquires.

Our Services Pricing
Computer Cleaning

Cleaning of all dust particles in your system that could cause hardware overheating and lack of airflow. (Varies base on model)

Full System Diagnostic

Full components diagnostic with software check. (Repair not included)

Virus and Spyware Removal

Viruses and spyware removal. (Software not included)


Maximum 2 hrs

Complete System Rebuild

Includes basic system rebuild and testing (Hardware, Operating System, and reinstallation of Operating System are not included)

Remote Access Support

One on one support with one of our in-house technicians over the phone and internet.
Payment by credit card over the phone. Internet connection and email required.


Maximum 30mins/non-refundable

Our Services Pricing
Hardware Installation (For Peripheral Devices)

Includes the installation for any PCI cards (ex. video cards & sound cards), Hard Drives, DVD, onto your desktop or laptop system. (Hardware not included) (Price can vary base from model)

$25.00 to $50.00*
Hardware Installation (For Core Components)

Includes the installation for any Power Supplies, Motherboard, CPU (Processors), and RAM (Memory). (Hardware not included) (Price can vary base from model)

$35.00 to $50.00*
Operating System Installation

Includes the installation of Microsoft Windows onto your system, complete with all drivers and all latest critical updates. (Software not included)

Software Installation

Includes the installation of any application software, excluding Operating System. (Software not included)

System Setup

Includes creation of user account, Windows Updates, and creation of the manufacture factory setup partition onto a USB Drive. (Minimum USD Drive Size: 32GB – USB Drive is not included) (Software and Data Transfer not included)

Our Services Pricing
One Time Data Backup / Transfer

Backup your files into External Hard Drive / Hard Drive / Solid State Drive up to 2TB of data (Media such as External Hard Drive or Hard Drive is not included).

Data Removal (Hard Drive Erasure)

Fully remove all sensitive and confidential data off the storage device unit.

Our Services Pricing
Rush Service

Service get moved to the front of the service queue.



Onsite Services

A-Power Computer Ltd. offers onsite computer repairs to a wide range of areas around Metro Vancouver. We bring fast, friendly, and efficient customer service to your office or home to help with all your PC repair needs. The technicians are knowledgeable and are experienced in our company process and service levels.

Onsite services are available upon request.

Lenovo Authorized Service Centre

A-Power is a Lenovo repair center that repairs all models of Think series notebooks and desktops.

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