Evoluent Wrist Comfort Mousepad (MP1)


Evoluent Wrist Comfort Mousepad – 1in x 8.2in x 12in Dimension – Cloth, Plastic Surface, Gel, Acrylic Base – Friction Resistant, Anti-slip

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1. Precision Glide Surface

Some mousepads with cloth or plastic surfaces create too much friction that hinders precision movement, resulting in frequent pointer overshoot and correction.

The Evoluent Wrist Comfort Mousepad has a sheet of proprietary low friction material that enables much more precise control of mouse movements.

2. Extra Large Wrist Support

Using a mouse without a wrist support requires resting your arm or hand directly on a hard surface. The weight of your arm is concentrated on a tiny area of the forearm or the corner of your hand where it contacts the surface. Such a pressure point may produce discomfort or even pain. Other mousepads with wrist supports tend to be too firm and too narrow, so they produce an uncomfortable pressure point on your arm.

The gel support on the Evoluent Wrist Comfort Mousepad is softer than typical wrist supports to avoid creating a pressure point. It is also extra deep between the front and back edges to spread the weight of your arm and hand along a much larger area of your arm.

3. High Density Acrylic Base

Some cloth mousepads and ultra-thin plastic mousepads tend to be wavy and cause the mouse to wobble.

The Evoluent Wrist Comfort Mousepad is made of a high density and rigid acrylic base that provides a perfectly flat gliding surface, regardless of the unevenness of a desk.

4. Truly Non-Slip Bottom

Many mouse pads with “non-slip” undersides gradually slide out of position after some use.

The Evoluent Wrist Comfort Mousepad has full width, special high traction material on the bottom that positively prevents the mousepad from moving.

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